Introduction of Multilevel Marketing


Introduction about the OOF BUSINESS NETWORK 

First Stage Level-4 Registration on with $3 / $30 / $300
Second Stage Level-3 Refer 3 New Members (Your $3 / $30 / $300 are refundable as commission)
Third Stage Level-2 3 Members Introduction of 9 Members (3 each member) (No Commission on this stage only)
Fourth Stage Level-1 9 Members introduction of 27 Members (3 each member). Congratulations you received $30 / $300 / $3000

The Structure of the Whole Process



No. Amount of Membership Division of Amount
1 $1 / $10 / $100 Commission for Referral /Introductory Person
2 $1 / $10 / $100 Commission for Leader at Level-1
3 $1 / $10 / $100 Registration Fee

Amount of Fee and its allocation with Commission.
The Dollar can be converted into a local Currency rate and submitted for membership. 

Introduction about How to Earn Money:

There are few other means and products of OOF BUSINESS NETWORK to earn money in the same way by investing very few amounts and will return in handsome passive money. Many other products are in pipeline and or in the stages of testing the products before full launching for the general public. The Network provides the opportunity to excel your active business around the world our WhatsApp groups and networking strategies allows you to interact with other members and to know each other along with exchanging of business opportunities etc.